Branding Yourself As a Leader in Real Estate Equality

equality in real estate
The National Association of REALTORS® has always gone above and beyond in ensuring that their members adhere to the Code of Ethics, which has higher standards than the industry norm. Within the Code of Ethics, the NAR has always ensured that Fair Housing is a core part of their standards with a focus on real estate equality. Their Fair Housing standards have always gone above the basic standards, to ensure

Safely Explore Ulster County This Fall

Safely Explore Ulster County This Fall
It’s no secret that Ulster County has some of the most sought after landscapes and vistas to enjoy in the Mid Hudson Valley. The fall season is notoriously one of the most popular, with the autumnal colors, fall foliage and bountiful local farms. While this year has been vastly different than previous years, there are still safe and fun ways to safely explore Ulster County this fall season. Make sure

Mid-Hudson Valley Home Sales News: Home Sales Hit Highest Level Since 2006

Mid-Hudson Valley Home Sales
It’s no secret that real estate has been rebounding over the past few months as a direct result of consumers moving out of metropolitan areas to less densely populated areas. This has been fantastic for REALTORS®, especially when it comes to the Northeast and Mid-Hudson Valley home sales. The surge of sales has allowed the market to recover at an alarming rate, as well as see its highest level of

Online Safety Tips for REALTORS®

online safety tips for REALTORS®
We’ve seen a large increase in the amount of business that is done online because of the pandemic. For REALTORS®, much of buying and selling homes has moved online, with virtual showings, people searching listings online versus in person, and meeting with clients via Zoom or Facetime. The more time spent online, generally means more information is available on the web. While it is easy to just post information online,

Must-Have Home Features for Buyers in 2020

Must-Have Home Features for Buyers in 2020 the mudroom
As the market rebounds, people are looking to rethink their lifestyle, and where they choose to live, the real estate market has also seen a change in what people want in a property due to the pandemic. Features that may not have been a priority are now on the top of people’s lists. When helping clients look for a new property, here are some must-have home features that have been

Everyday REALTOR® Safety Tips While on the Job

Everyday REALTOR® Safety Tips - don't list a home as vacant
As the month of September highlights Safety for REALTORS®, the NAR has put together everyday REALTOR® safety tips to refresh their knowledge of safety while on the job. While it is important to consider your safety all year round, we’ve compiled some important tips to consider while on the job everyday.  Avoid listing a property as ‘vacant’: Criminals have been known to scour real estate listings in search of properties

Safety Guidance for REALTORS®

Safety Guidance for REALTORS
A big portion of a REALTORS®’ job includes meeting new prospective buyers and sellers, developing relationships, and showing new acquaintances properties. While interactions between REALTORS® and clients are often straightforward, making sure you take necessary precautions to ensure your safety while on the job should never be overlooked. September kicks off the National Association of REALTORS® safety month, and we have compiled some important safety guidance for REALTORS® to keep

The REALTOR® Difference  

realtor difference
As home sales surge in the Mid Hudson Valley, as a reaction to leaving densely populated areas amidst the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to make sure you are working with a REALTOR®. With a slew of new rules and regulations pertaining to COVID-19 changing nearly daily, ensuring you have a trustworthy, knowledgeable REALTOR® who is aware of these changes will help make this new normal of home buying

Don’t Overlook These Important Details When Applying for a Mortgage Loan During a Pandemic

apply for a mortgage
With mortgage rates still at an all time low, and many looking to relocate to a less populated area, homebuying, especially within the Mid Hudson Valley, has skyrocketed amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. But before you put all your eggs in one basket, make sure you have looked at all the fine print in obtaining your mortgage. There are a few things to double check and consider when applying for

Shifting Home Buying Trends Due to COVID-19

shifting home buying trends
May and June saw a large increase in real estate home sales after a very slow spring, due to people opting to get out of large cities and relocating to smaller towns and rural areas. While most REALTORS® are reporting their markets are in recovery mode, as well as busier than this time last year, REALTORS® are also reporting that they have seen shifting home buying trends of what home

Giving Back: UCBR Gives Back to the Ulster County Community

Ulster County community service by UCBR
Being involved in local initiatives and supporting your community is an important part of giving back to the place you call home. One of the biggest draws to Ulster County and the surrounding area is not only the abundance of green space & nature parks, but also the tight knit local communities that make up Ulster County. As we are lucky to be able to call Ulster County home, UCBR

Mistakes to Avoid While Moving During a Pandemic

moving during a pandemic
With the real estate market rebounding in May and June, one crucial part of buying and selling houses is moving. While it may not be everyone’s favorite task, it’s inevitable that both buyers and sellers will be doing lots of packing and unpacking as they clear out their old residence for the new owners. As we have seen a large increase in market activity in the Mid Hudson Valley &