Preparing Your House for Sale in Time for Spring

Why spring is the best time to sell your house

Many of us are eagerly awaiting the longer days and warmer weather that spring has in store for us. Don’t worry! It won’t be long before we can enjoy the warm sunshine and grilling in the backyard again. While springtime is usually something to look forward to, what happens if you’re stressing about preparing your house for sale? The great news is spring can be the best time to sell your house for a few different reasons. Let’s walk through why it’s best to take advantage of spring, as well as a few tips for prepping your house for sale.

Why Springtime Makes Sense for Selling Your Home

Convenience and attraction are two of the biggest reasons why selling your home in the spring makes sense. For convenience, not many people are going to jump at the chance to purchase a home and have to move all of their belongings when the holidays are approaching. As the seller, doing all of the legwork and potential property updates can also be a hassle in the winter. In addition to this, it can be a bit tougher to make your property have that extra pop (outside, that is) in the winter vs. the spring. We’ll touch more on this in a bit when we discuss how you can really make your home wow potential buyers.

Experts are expecting the 2021 housing market to continue to favor the seller, with home prices expected to rise and inventory to remain low. The trend of having a lot of demand from buyers and lower inventory to meet that demand means higher competition. This creates the perfect storm for potential bidding wars and increased interest in your home. The warm weather will also work in your favor. Families eager to move to the suburbs will be more motivated to shop around for the perfect home when the sun stays out just a little longer every day.

Preparing Your House for Sale

Now that we know why preparing your house for sale in the spring is a great idea, it’s time to get to work! With a goal in mind, it might feel like spring is right around the corner, but don’t worry. You can maximize the time you’ll have to prep while the cold weather is still here.

Spring cleaning is first on the list! Take a good, hard look at your home currently and make a list of what you think will take the most work. This will help you to prioritize however you need and ensure everything is done before you’re ready to list your home on the market. Deep cleaning your home (moving furniture, washing carpets, etc.), de cluttering counter space and common areas, washing windows, and dusting all surfaces are good things to focus on. If you have pets, you’ll also want to take special care to tend to any areas that might need some extra love.

Focusing on cleaning first will allow you to take advantage of being stuck inside in the winter months. Once things start to warm up, you can shift gears and tackle the maintenance tasks and repairs needed on your home. You can work on anything that can be done inside first if you need to buy time until the weather cooperates, which we know can be tricky! Once you’re able to get outside, you can plan out how to make your house really stand out to potential buyers. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes for a minute, and look at your house from this perspective. What stands out to you that you can improve on?

One of the most fun ways to boost the curb appeal of your home is to spruce up the front yard with flowers, fresh mulch, and tasteful decorations. Have fun with this and coordinate with the colors of your home to bring a fresh, vibrant touch to the overall look of your property. Pay special attention to your front door to make sure potential buyers feel drawn in and welcome.

After you’ve exercised your green thumb, it’s time to focus on a few other exterior details that will need your attention. Having your roof inspected, clearing gutters, and power washing the driveway and siding of the house are a few examples of good items for your checklist.

The final touches needed for preparing your house for sale is the staging process. Play up the natural light in your home wherever you can and open some windows if possible. Depersonalizing your home is also very important. Buyers should be able to walk in and feel like they can easily make your home their own. You can also use artwork, small decorations, and throw pillows or blankets to add a touch of color into different rooms as needed. Be creative!

There is so much that goes into the sale of a home, and the process can feel daunting. If you’re looking for help and professional guidance from an expert in Ulster County, we can help you find a licensed REALTOR®. Learn more about how we can help you and additional seller resources here. We wish you the best of luck with the sale of your home!

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