Don’t be duped online: Tips for avoiding Real Estate Cyber Scams

Phishing, hacking, wire fraud − these are all ways people attempt to steal from others online. As real estate searches and transactions move more and more online, the chances of being caught up in a cyber scam are now even greater. “Most people have heard of the Nigerian prince scams or phishing emails asking for social security or banking information, but what many people don’t know is that they also

The highest price is not always the winning offer: How to make the best purchase offer in a seller’s market

You’ve made all the right decisions on your real estate search journey, you’ve worked with a Realtor® to scour the listings, toured what feels like a million houses and finally found it: the house you want to call home. The next step? Make your purchase offer; and if you are like most people, the prospect can seem quite intimidating. Especially in a seller’s market. There often can be even more