Giving Back in the Time of COVID-19

UCBR and project resilience
During this unsettling and unusual time, while the majority of the US population has been asked to stay at home in order to flatten the COVID-19 curve and help reduce the spread of the virus, those that are deemed ‘essential workers’ are out on the frontlines everyday helping battle the virus. Right here in Ulster County, we have many essential workers that are putting themselves at risk to help our

What Every REALTOR® Should Know About Fair Housing

Fair Housing
While we are all staying safe by staying home, this ‘new normal’ gives up the opportunity to brush up on our real estate knowledge. In celebration of Fair Housing Month, we thought it would be a good time to refresh our understanding of what Fair Housing means, and how vital it is to know the facts in today’s real estate market.  The Law on Fair Housing: The Fair Housing Act

Fair Housing Act at Home

April fair housing act month
April is Fair Housing Month, and here’s what you can do at home!  Each year, April is the designated month that REALTORS® observe the Fair Housing Act of 1968. The Fair Housing Act is to be abided by all professionals involved in housing sales, rentals and financial processes, to ensure equal opportunity to all prospective house buyers or renters. This year might be more relevant than ever for REALTORS® to

Advice in Navigating the Real Estate Market at Present

navigating the real estate market
During this trying time, it’s hard to not have a sense of uncertainty of when things will get back to normal. While we are practicing social distancing and to remaining at home as much as possible to help do our part in slowing down the effects of COVID-19, we look at advice from the National Association of REALTORS®  and New York Times Real Estate expert on navigating the Real Estate

Economist’s outlook of the Spring Market Trends

spring market trends real estate
In light of the current COVID-19 situation globally, Real Estate and Economic experts report that the current spring trends for the Real Estate Market are off to a strong start. With a projected 4% increase in home sales this year, as well as the lower mortgage rates, REALTORS® will be busy this year working with home buyers to find their new home. Real Estate and Economic experts Diana Olick &

Getting the Most Out of an Open Houses

getting the most out of open houses
Open houses are a great way to start your home buying journey. If you’re toying with the idea of purchasing a house, but aren’t exactly sure what type of property you would like, visiting open houses to get a sense of what is available on the market, and checking out different areas is a great option. We’ve put together a few tips to consider when visiting an open house, so

The Wellness Trend in Real Estate: What it means to the Real Estate Industry

wellness trend in real estate
In the latest news from the National Association of REALTORS®, the wellness trend in real estate has gotten attention, as it has become an increasingly important aspect to many prospective home buyers. The good news for REALTORS® and home buyers alike in Ulster County, is that one of the main draws to the area is the wellness appeal. With the open space, availability of outdoor recreation, locally sourced food, and

Making the Market Work: Marketing Tips for REALTORS®

marketing tips for realtors
While the internet has become one of the most highly trafficked resources for consumers to begin their real estate search, ensuring you, as a REALTOR® and your listings stand out online is crucial in this highly saturated space. Communicating your story, value and professionalism is critical in setting yourself apart from the competition. With advice from the UCBR & HVCRMLS, we’ve compiled best practice marketing tips for REALTORS® to help

Will the Market Get the New Home Supply it Needs?

new home supply lower than average
In the annual housing report for 2019, the year rounded out with lower than average housing inventory available for buyers not only in the Hudson Valley and New York State, but also for the entire country, begging the question, “will the market get the new home supply it needs?” At January’s International buying show in Vegas, economists discussed what the low inventory of housing means for the market, and building

Why use a REALTOR®

Why use a REALTOR®
You’ve made the decision to make Ulster County your next move, and we can relate to that decision: unbelievable beauty, incredible access to outdoor activities, a thriving year round community, while still accessible to New York City. As Ulster County has become a sought out destination for many, it’s easy to succumb to perusing online at what looks like your dream home, and wanting to go check it out. REALTORS®

Making the Market Work: The value of Hudson Valley Catskills Region Multiple List Service (HVCRMLS)

Hudson Valley Catskills Region MLS
The Council Multiple Listing Service, or more commonly known as ‘CMLS’ is the association that works with over 200 Multiple List Services, or ‘MLS’ throughout the country. The CMLS is committed to providing their MLS members with resources that reflect a high standard of performance and professionalism in the Real Estate Industry, that in turn, build a better marketplace. The UCBR is a part of the local Ulster County MLS,

New York State and Ulster County Housing Report Summary 2019

2019 ny state housing report
If you’ve been considering buying in Ulster County, now is the time to get in touch with your local REALTOR® and start getting to work. The 2019 New York State Housing Report Summary is just in. With the strength of the US economy, unemployment reaching a 50-year all time low, and lower mortgage rates, real estate activity was strong in 2019. 2019 showed increased median house prices, lower inventory, and