Making the Market Work: The value of Hudson Valley Catskills Region Multiple List Service (HVCRMLS)

Hudson Valley Catskills Region MLS

The Council Multiple Listing Service, or more commonly known as ‘CMLS’ is the association that works with over 200 Multiple List Services, or ‘MLS’ throughout the country. The CMLS is committed to providing their MLS members with resources that reflect a high standard of performance and professionalism in the Real Estate Industry, that in turn, build a better marketplace. The UCBR is a part of the local Ulster County MLS, and operates under the HVCRMLS, allowing members of the UCBR to have access to all the resources the CMLS provides its members in helping them achieve a better marketplace, and reaching their real estate goals. Together, the CMLS wants to bring the real estate industry together and explore issues, provide solutions, advance multiple listing services, and build a better marketplace. 

One of the biggest benefits in being a member of the UCBR, is having access to the HVCRMLS resources, and for the consumer, knowing that REALTORS® who are members, not only abide to the ‘Code of Ethics’, but also the high standards of the CMLS. The MLS is: 

  • A Firewall against regulatory action
  • The glue that keeps the market together
  • The 100 things you don’t need to worry about

Together, the CMLS aims to ‘be the market.’ They want to ‘Make the Market Work’, through confidence, connections and community. For Real Estate Professionals:

  • Confidence: The MLS safeguards the information and rules real estate professionals need to do their jobs with confidence. 
  • Connections: The MLS creates connections between real estate professionals with properties to sell and those with clients who may buy them. 
  • Community: The MLS is a dynamic community of professionals who work together on terms to which they agree. 

For the consumers, the CMLS, and the local HVCRMLS are committed to:

  • Sellers: When you work with a member of the HVCRMLS, you can be assured that your home will be placed in front of nearly every real estate professional currently working with active buyers. This is more powerful than any marketing or advertising. 
  • Buyers: When you work with a HVCRMLS member, you will always have access to the most current and reliable set of available properties and have assurance that agents representing sellers will work with you. 

The HVCRMLS is a community of real estate professionals right here in the Ulster County and Hudson Valley area committed to working together to make real estate transactions happen, by using shared information and rules to which they all agree. This cooperation allows competitors to work together to generate the best outcome for all those involved, ‘making the market work.’ Working with a REALTOR® who is a member of the UCBR, allows you to know that you are working with a professional that is not only committed to a code of ethics, but working with the HVCRMLS network to get your house in front of all potential buyers, or as a home buyer, can work to find you the right home in the area. This commitment is what ‘Makes the Market Work.’ 

If you are a REALTOR® in the Hudson Valley and Catskills region, check the Ulster county Board of REALTORS® and learn how you can join the UCBR to access the HVCRMLS, among many other professional services.  Learn more about the Ulster County Board of REALTORS® by visiting, or calling (845) 338- 5299 to speak with a Realtor®. 


Making the Market Work: Marketing Tips for REALTORS®
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