REALTOR Safety Month – Prepping and closing.

realtor safety during closing

From preparing for an open house to the final closing, there are a lot of factors REALTORS® should consider regarding safety. A solid safety plan will make it easier to focus on the job at hand, and will ensure your clients walk away happy. Today we are going to cover some tips on REALTOR® safety during closing and preparing for the sale of a home. These tips are easy to incorporate in preparing for an open house and we’ve included some tips for when you’re closing, too.

Preparing For an Open House – REALTOR® Safety During Closing

When it comes to an open house, it’s important to make sure it is safe and successful for not only you but for every guest that comes through the door. While you may feel safe with an advertised open house and a lot of people checking out your listing, you must remember that a majority of them will be strangers coming through the home and you can never be too careful.

Some great tips to protect yourself while hosting an open house are to create a sign in sheet. Asking for each person’s name, phone number and address or email will help you keep a log of who was in the home and what time they were there if any issues do arise. Another great tip is to download a personal safety app on your phone. There are a plethora of options for safety apps available nowadays, but they all focus on making sure you can contact help quickly in the event of an emergency. For a few suggestions on personal safety apps, take a look at this article from One more pre-open house tip is to either inform a neighbor or find someone to be there with you. Having a coworker, friend or family member to be there with you would be optimal, but even letting a trusted neighbor know there will be an open house gives you an added layer of security.  

Preparing for Closing

Even with vaccines and masks, you can still execute many closing documents remotely. This allows you to maintain an efficient process, but you’ll also avoid in-person meetings if it makes you uncomfortable. Of course, in-person meetings are still necessary for some paperwork to be completed correctly. 

Being mindful that you don’t share too much personal information on the internet is always a must, but don’t forget about physical paperwork as well. When in doubt, shred! Thoroughly shred all papers with personal information before you throw them away. Things like receipts with account numbers, papers with your clients’ personal information or even credit card applications should be properly disposed of. When a professional shredding service is not available, you can still make sure your documents are unreadable. This article from has some great tips on how to get rid of confidential papers in alternate ways. 

As a REALTOR®, staying up to date on the latest safety tips is essential when meeting new clients and showing homes. We hope the above information was helpful and will be put to good use in helping to keep realtors safe across the nation. 

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