Must-have Features for Home Buyers in 2021

While 2021 has brought many changes in the world, it has also affected the features that home buyers are looking for when searching for a new home. In the 50’s, people were looking for things like those indestructible pastel tile bathrooms, wood shake or shingle roofs, and gas heat – and things have come a long way since then. Today, people are more focused on different things such as being environmentally friendly, having an outdoor space for entertaining, walk-in pantries, mud rooms, laundry rooms and believe it or not – even pizza ovens! When helping clients look for a new property, here are just a few must-have home features that have been trending as top priorities in 2021. 


Energy & Environment Efficiencies

Would be buyers looking to limit bills will be drawn to properties with Energy Star qualified windows and appliances. Gone are the days where these types of features were an anomaly. Today’s home buyers expect energy efficiencies. Energy efficient windows can trim heating and cooling costs while individual appliances will reduce your energy and water bills. Make sure to play up these money saving features to all potential buyers.


Outdoor Space for Entertaining 

Since the pandemic, people have been paying more attention to social distancing. The best way to stay at a safe distance and be able to gather with friends and family is to hold your gathering outside. There has been an increased interest in having an outdoor space to entertain – from large barbeque grills and fire pits to seating areas and patios, people want to utilize their outdoor space to its fullest. When staging a house for a showing, make sure you don’t neglect the outside so you can show the potential buyer how inviting the space can be.


Walk-in Pantries or Closets

Have you seen the latest craze, organization? It may sound odd, but one of the new fads is organizing your cabinets, closets and everything in between. Would be buyers are looking for large pantries and closets, specifically walk-ins, with plenty of storage space to show off their organizing skills. It’s beneficial to showcase the extra space and show what potential it has to your prospective buyer.


Mud Rooms & Laundry Rooms

More than anything else, homeowners want a dedicated mud room and/or laundry room where they can hide the dirty clothes and stack the clean ones until they get put away. Having a separate room for kids’ book bags and shoes, and a space for laundry helps keep the mess out of your living space and potential buyers will see it as a huge benefit. A mud room or a laundry room can be a great added selling point. Energy-Star certified washer and dryers, good lighting, utility sinks, cabinetry and a folding table or countertops are just a few things that can be quite appealing for buyers. If your listing doesn’t have a mud or laundry room but you would like to create one, check out this article from This Old House with some great tips!


Hardwood Floors

More than ever, people are looking for hardwood floors over carpet. Hardwood flooring offers a more natural look, is less allergenic, is easier to maintain and is more durable than carpet. People have shown a preference for hardwood since the pandemic also because it is much easier to sanitize. Hardwood floors will need to be refinished periodically and last a lifetime, while carpet often needs to be replaced every 10 years or so. If you are selling a home with hardwood floors, that is definitely a plus, so be sure to mention that to potential buyers and include this information in the home listing features. 


In conclusion, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to must-have features that new home buyers are looking for. It is important to maintain a constant knowledge of what is currently hot in the market so you can be fully prepared to assist your clients. If you enjoyed reading the above article, you can find all of our blog content here. Our team at UCBR strives to elevate the real estate industry by supporting our community and continuing education for professionals and their client base. Additionally, you can also find us on social media at the following: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Cheers!

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