Tips for Selling Your Home in Fall

selling your home in fall months

Fall brings cooler temperatures, changing leaves and shorter days. It also brings more challenges when it comes to selling your home. While some things can be more challenging, it can also mean more chances for creativity when you have an open house. If you’re putting your house on the market this fall season, here’s your chance to capitalize on things like the vibrant fall leaves. Learn some quick tips for selling your home in fall months in our latest blog!

Check the Furnace and Clean the Chimney

When selling a home you always want to have your furnace checked, but especially during fall. Regardless of what method you use to heat your home, you want to make sure it is in good working order as the temperatures outside begin to fall. A warm, cozy house will be extra inviting to a potential buyer on a cool fall day. If your house has a fireplace, make sure you have a chimney sweep come before your open house. This ensures the use of a warm flickering flame inviting your guests in if the weather . Making sure that the chimney is clean not only ensures there will be no smoke backing up into the house, but you can use it as a selling point that it is ready for your buyer once they move in.

Don’t Leave the Leaves Behind

While the colorful fall leaves can be beautiful, they can also make your house look untidy. If you’re having a showing, make sure you clean up the yard and rake up all the leaves so the potential buyers can see how great it looks without natural debris. Check out this article with some tips and tricks from You should also clean the gutters in case it is raining during the showing. While you’re taking care of the leaves, make sure to tend to the rest of the landscape to keep everything looking fresh.

Make the House Smell Inviting

Another great tip for selling your home in fall months involves our noses! Seasonal smells like pumpkin, cinnamon and spice can make your home seem extra inviting. Try burning some candles, baking some bread or putting some potpourri around the house. Not only does it help make the house more inviting, but it also can help buyers imagine themselves in the home through the holiday season. Be sure that you’re not trying to cover bad odors as there is always a chance of foul smells creeping through and putting a ‘bad taste’ in buyers mouths. 

Selling Your Home in Fall – Show buyers what Spring & Summer Look Like

Since spring and summer are the peak seasons for selling, make sure you show your buyers what your house looks like during these months. From your online listing to in person showings, you should have plenty of pictures of the green landscape and budding flowers surrounding your house to emphasize how beautiful the grounds can look. 


Let There be Light!

As we welcome fall, agents should also consider that the days are shorter and unfortunately also darker. Check all lights (inside and out) to make sure they are in working order. This not only creates a welcoming atmosphere, but also showcases the safety of the outside of the home. If there are unlit pathways to or around your house then simply adding some solar lights will not only add appeal but safety as well. This article from Popular Mechanics has some great options for solar lights to light your property.

To sum things up, the fall season can be just as appealing as the rest of the year when selling your home. Follow these tips to help you get your house sold before the last leaf falls! If you enjoyed reading the above article, you can find all of our blog content here. Our team at UCBR strives to elevate the real estate industry by supporting our community and continuing education for professionals and their client base. Additionally, you can also find us on social media at the following: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Cheers!

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