Exterior Features to Look for in Homes

Exterior Features to Look for in Homes

Don’t overlook these exterior features while touring a property. As the Mid-Hudson Valley region has safely entered Phase II, it’s important to remember that as we slowly move towards back our normal routines, to still practice social distancing and be mindful of limiting the amount of physical contact you have while looking at homes. If you are able to clearly look at the interior of a home from the outside, and get a good feel for the interior of the house from looking inside, this is still the safest way to look at houses. Here are some key exterior features to look for in homes when you are in the market for a new place. 

Touring the outside of a home is also something that should not be overlooked. The property and the exterior of the home will have important tell tale signs for you to consider, which are just as important as the interior of the property. While you are touring properties, here are some important things to consider when surveying the outside of the home, and the property: 

Listen for sound: While touring the property, ask for some quiet time outside so that you can hear the surrounding area. Check for overheard noise from planes, traffic, dogs, and noise from surrounding neighbors and businesses. While these factors might not bother you, keep in mind that if you ever went to sell the property in the future, a lot of noise might de-value your property to a future buyer. 

Check over the entire exterior of the house: A powerwash and fresh paint job might make a house look move-in ready, but make sure you take a detailed look at what lies underneath the fresh paint. It’s easy to look past this, especially if the home is your dream home, but a new coat of paint can hide crucial maintenance issues, such as rotting window sills or siding that might need immediate replacing. Make sure you get a good look at the foundation and ensure there are no major cracks, as well as the roof. Making sure the house is structurally sound will avoid a lot of headaches so that you are able to move in and focus on building your life, rather than fixing the home. 

The landscaping: A fabulous garden with a gorgeous lawn lined with trees are a wonderful outdoor feature to have, but keep in mind the upkeep and landscaping necessary to have your garden and lawn always looking beautiful. Make sure you are willing to put in the time, as well as financially factor in approximate costs for the landscaping maintenance. If you’re not willing to undergo the maintenance, maybe look at properties that require less outdoor maintenance, so that you do not end up with an overgrown garden that ends up being more trouble than it’s worth. 

Walk all four corners of the lot: While it is easy to get a sense of the property lines and a street view with survey papers and google maps, a lot can change with an area over time. Make sure you walk the perimeter and take time to look around and see if there are any changes. Things to notice would be new homes or buildings, new cell towers or power lines, new fencing, or any trees that might have been removed or added. You’ll also get a sense of how close your neighbors are, and whether you require more privacy or ok with how close you are to the other properties.

When it comes to purchasing a home, be sure to watch for these exterior features to look for in homes before you take that leap and make an offer! For more information on finding a REALTOR® to help you find your next property, visit www.ulstercountyboardofrealtors.com or contact us for more information.


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