Trending Interior Paint Colors in 2020

trending interior paint colors in 2020

Here’s the scoop on trending interior paint colors in 2020!

It’s been a different spring than most of us had anticipated, and chances are we have spent much more time analyzing our homes layout, decor and the colors our walls are painted. Painting the interior of our homes is something we can do while we are spending the majority of our time at home, and if done right, can be a cost effective way to give a house a fresh, modern look. A question on a lot of people’s minds right now is what are trending interior paint colors for 2020? Whether you’re looking to refresh your walls prior to putting your house on the market, or just want to change things up, here are what industry experts are loving for interior design in 2020. 

Best Bedroom Colors for 2020: Taupe & Lilac

While taupe may be seen as a safe color choice, a light taupe can really brighten up your bedroom, while still having a subtle undertone of purple. Taupe can also add a warm and comforting feel to your room, which is perfect for a bedroom, as besides sleeping there, it is often a quiet and relaxing space for many to unwind. It is also a more neutral color choice, which is always a good choice if you’re planning to put your house on the market. 

If you want something a little more playful, but not as bright and statement-like as the popular ‘Millennial Pink’, Lilac is a hot & trending color choice this year. While it is a more statement and daring color choice to taupe, it still offers warm violet & gray hues without the boldness of pink. Design experts are loving this color for contemporary styled homes as it’s a bit different to a traditional gray, as it still has gray hues in the undertones. 

Best Living Room colors for 2020: Warm White & Warm Gray

While warm white was all the rage in recent years for kitchens, it now has found a new place in living rooms. As far as trending interior paint colors in 2020, a warm white wall not only is clean and often makes a room seem bigger than it is, it allows for statement pieces, art and furniture to stand out in your room. This is a trend we can completely agree with! 

If the all white look isn’t quite up your alley, a warm gray color will also add a clean look to your living. It’s now the gray color choice that designers are now preferring over the once popular cool gray tones due to its versatility. It also allows you to show off your beautiful decor as it will not overpower statement pieces in your living room, as well as works with most accents of colors. 

Best Kitchen Colors for 2020: Gray-Black & Gray- Purple

Kitchens were often designed with hyper functionality in mind and painted with clean, minimal and sleek tones, which is why white has been the preferred color palette for kitchen design in previous years. Designers are now finding a move towards having functionality take a back seat to less traditional kitchen color choices of a gray-black when it comes to trending interior paint colors for 2020. They are seeing a trend in designing kitchens that have a softer and more human-centric tone to the traditional hyper functionality of white, as the kitchen is often more than just a space for cooking, it is a room in the house where families spend time together. As we have spent the majority of our time at home with our families, this space has become more than just function, but a place to interact. The gray-black color palette helps change this space into a more intimate room at the heart of your home. 

If a gray-black tone is a bit too dramatic of a change, designers are also keeping in line with the warmer color palette trend and utilizing a gray- purple paint for the kitchen. It adds a pop of color to the kitchen while still having that intimate feel. 

Best Bathroom Colors for 2020: Earthy Gray & Pale Pink

As designers are using and trending towards more daring colors, the bathroom is a good place to start experimenting with different paint colors. A darker tone of gray in the bathroom allows you to be bold without fully committing to repainting a main room in your home if you are just not quite sold on these new paint trends. Decor stands out against a darker hue, so bouquets of flowers and interesting light fixtures will become the statement of your bathroom versus the sink and toilet. 

If darker hues aren’t quite your taste, pale pink is another trending choice for bathrooms this year. It’s a warm pink hue that has a tranquil feel, and like the earthy gray, a bathroom is a perfect space to try a trendy color without committing to a main room. 

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