The Latest in Fair Housing Updates

fair housing updates
With the new Fair Housing Regulations going into effect June 20th, and in light of the current climate addressing race within the United States, Fair Housing should be on all REALTORS® radars. In addition to the new regulations that went into effect last week, the National Association of REALTORS®  (NAR) and the Department of Housing and Development (HUD) met last week to offer additional resources and commitments to help REALTORS®

Exterior Features to Look for in Homes

Exterior Features to Look for in Homes
Don’t overlook these exterior features while touring a property. As the Mid-Hudson Valley region has safely entered Phase II, it’s important to remember that as we slowly move towards back our normal routines, to still practice social distancing and be mindful of limiting the amount of physical contact you have while looking at homes. If you are able to clearly look at the interior of a home from the outside,

Trending Interior Paint Colors in 2020

trending interior paint colors in 2020
Here’s the scoop on trending interior paint colors in 2020! It’s been a different spring than most of us had anticipated, and chances are we have spent much more time analyzing our homes layout, decor and the colors our walls are painted. Painting the interior of our homes is something we can do while we are spending the majority of our time at home, and if done right, can be

REALTOR® News: Navigating Phase II Reopening

phase II reopening for REALTORS
As the Mid- Hudson Valley has successfully begun the re-opening process by entering Phase I, Phase II could commence as early as June 9th if everything goes to plan. With Phase II potentially happening next week, this is great news for REALTORS®. Since the Real Estate Industry is part of Phase II of the re-opening process, this would allow REALTORS® to begin working in a greater capacity than the last

Home Decor Repurposing for Spring

home decor repurposing for spring
Change up your home decor this spring by repurposing what is already in your house! With the warmer weather, longer days and flowers and trees in full bloom, spring has officially arrived in the Mid Hudson Valley. As we pack up our winter essentials to make room for our spring wardrobe, it’s also the perfect time to give our homes a refresh. While we are still practicing social distancing and

REALTOR® Info After NY PAUSE: Navigating the First Steps Post Lockdown

Now that we’ve passed May 15th, certain businesses and activities will be able to open back up. There will still be safety guidelines in place, such as wearing masks, social distancing, and limiting the amount of people allowed in or near a business, in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 as we start to move back to normal life. While everything is still up in the air as

REALTOR® Wellness & Resources

REALTOR® Wellness
While the stay at home order for New York State is currently set to lift May 15th, for many, this may seem like there is light finally at the end of the tunnel. We have all been adjusting to the ‘new normal’ for the past two months, and for many, this has not been an easy adjustment. Especially for the Real Estate Industry, where stay at home orders have meant

Updates to Fair Housing and Advertising Regulations

fair housing and advertising regulations
As we round out Fair Housing month, which is celebrated each April, it is important to note the updates to from the New York Department of State regarding Fair Housing and Advertising Regulations in the Real Estate Market. As we are still in a statewide lockdown, this gives us an opportunity to take the time to read about all the Real Estate industry news, in the safety of our own

Giving Back in the Time of COVID-19

UCBR and project resilience
During this unsettling and unusual time, while the majority of the US population has been asked to stay at home in order to flatten the COVID-19 curve and help reduce the spread of the virus, those that are deemed ‘essential workers’ are out on the frontlines everyday helping battle the virus. Right here in Ulster County, we have many essential workers that are putting themselves at risk to help our

What Every REALTOR® Should Know About Fair Housing

Fair Housing
While we are all staying safe by staying home, this ‘new normal’ gives up the opportunity to brush up on our real estate knowledge. In celebration of Fair Housing Month, we thought it would be a good time to refresh our understanding of what Fair Housing means, and how vital it is to know the facts in today’s real estate market.  The Law on Fair Housing: The Fair Housing Act

Fair Housing Act at Home

April fair housing act month
April is Fair Housing Month, and here’s what you can do at home!  Each year, April is the designated month that REALTORS® observe the Fair Housing Act of 1968. The Fair Housing Act is to be abided by all professionals involved in housing sales, rentals and financial processes, to ensure equal opportunity to all prospective house buyers or renters. This year might be more relevant than ever for REALTORS® to

Advice in Navigating the Real Estate Market at Present

navigating the real estate market
During this trying time, it’s hard to not have a sense of uncertainty of when things will get back to normal. While we are practicing social distancing and to remaining at home as much as possible to help do our part in slowing down the effects of COVID-19, we look at advice from the National Association of REALTORS®  and New York Times Real Estate expert on navigating the Real Estate