Housing Trends for 2021

housing trends 2021
The new year has officially begun and everyone is on the edge of their seats wondering what 2021 has in store for us. The Ulster County Board of REALTORS® team has been diligently monitoring the ebbs and flows of housing trends as we closed out a historic year in 2020. There are many variables that have roused a flurry of predictions of what the housing market will look like in

Looking Ahead: Must Haves For Homes in 2021

must haves for homes in 2021
New year, new normal, and new lifestyles also mean new must haves for homes in 2021. With the pandemic still rearing its ugly head, many of us cannot wait to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021 with hope that things will get better in the future. If the pandemic has taught us anything, one thing is for sure that what was once considered ‘normal’ does not seem to be

Home for the Holidays: How Your REALTOR® Can Help You Find Your Dream Home for the Holidays

finding your dream home for the holidays
There is something very special and comforting about finding your dream home for the holidays, and being in that home. This often means time to relax, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy all the things which make it your home, rather than just a house. By being able to take the time you traditionally would not have during a busy work schedule, and talking walks, reading by the

Keeping Family & Community at the Heart of this Holiday Season

Keeping community at the heart of your holiday season
The snow has fallen, trees have gone up, candles have been lit, and much of the holiday spirit is in full swing in Ulster County. While it is a time to give back, and spend time with family and friends doing the heart of this holiday season, this year will likely look different for many in our community. As 2020 has proven to be a trying and difficult year for

Think Local This Holiday Season

Think Local ulster county holiday shopping
As the holiday season is upon us, and we start getting into the holiday spirit by decorating our homes, cozying up by the fire, and spending time with our family, it’s also the season of giving. As we have already started our lists of gifts for family and friends, in this new age of shopping and social distancing, it is easy to order out of convenience from big corporations. While

House Buying This Winter

house buying in winter in the Hudson valley and Ulster county
Typically, the winter season tends to be the slower buying season for Real Estate. This is often a time when the market turns into a buyer’s market. Buyers use this season to look for better deals, higher inventory, and take more time to look at properties versus the busier summer buying season. With the pandemic still looming, market experts have predicted that this winter will remain a seller’s market versus

Giving Back to Ulster County

Giving back to ulster county
During this very unique year as well as the holiday season, the Ulster County Board of REALTORS® community service team and all of our members are committed to helping our local community, those less fortunate, and those in need. Giving back to Ulster County is an important part of our work and we’re happy to be part of such a great community. We know how important this is, especially during

Ulster County Board of REALTORS® Annual Meeting & REALTOR® of the Year Award for 2020

UCBR Annual Meeting 2020 and REALTOR of the Year
On November 19, 2020 the Ulster County Board of REALTORS® held their annual meeting where officers for Hudson Valley Catskill Region MLS as well as UCBR were announced for 2021. Industry news and updates were covered, and the REALTOR® of the Year was announced! We’re proud to announce the recipient of the REALTOR® of the Year Award is Mary Ann Miller of Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty. Congratulations, Mary Ann!

Easy Home Improvements to Add Value

small home improvements to add value
If like many consumers, you have contemplated selling your home during the pandemic boom, and want to ensure you can get the best price in this seller’s market, you are not alone. As the Mid Hudson Valley has seen a huge surge in home sales, it is a great time to put your home on the market. But getting the best price does require the seller being realistic in what

Tips for Homeowners: Now’s the Time to Winterize Your Home

winterize your home
We’ve had our first snowfall of the season and daylight savings, which only means one thing: winter is on the way. As the season changes and the temperature drops, it is important that you take the time before it gets too cold to prepare your home for the upcoming winter months. Not doing so could lead to some unfortunate trouble during the coldest time in the season, and an unnecessary

The Best Kid-Friendly Towns in Ulster County

best kid-friendly towns in Ulster County
When choosing the right place to settle down, there are often many factors that buyers consider when making their real estate decisions. Much of these factors rely on personal preferences, whether you have a family or not, whether you want to be in a rural area or something in town, and budget. For families, one major part of their buying decision will be based on the school district that the

Managing Real Estate Expectations as Home Prices Rise

home office key feature managing real estate expectations
The Real Estate market has rebounded in leaps and bounds as a response to consumers moving away from densely populated areas. With this unprecedented demand, and a shrinking supply, this has driven the median home price up across much of the US causing REALTORS® to learn to manage real estate expectations of both buyers and sellers to ensure the best experience possible. The Hudson Valley has become a popular destination