Which Neighborhood Should I Live In?

tips on how to choose from the best areas of hudson valley

The time has come and you’re considering moving. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of apartment life and have finally saved up enough money for a down payment on a house, or your current neighborhood is feeling a little old hat. Regardless of your situation, asking yourself “which neighborhood should I live in?” can feel intimidating if you don’t already have your sights set on a specific area. Narrowing down the perfect neighborhood can be exciting once you figure out what is most important to you. If you’re not fond of where you’re living now, this is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh!

As we are the Ulster County Board of Realtors, our focus is on highlighting the best areas of Hudson Valley, NY. We obviously love Ulster County and want to share all the benefits of living here with as many people as we can. However, these tips can be helpful for you regardless of where you’re looking to move.


So, Which Neighborhood Should I Live In?

The secret to choosing the right neighborhood is to know what’s most important to you in your everyday life. Think about where you live now. What is missing? What do you wish you had access to every day that you either don’t have now, or is out of the way? Grab a pen and paper (or your smartphone!) and try writing down a list of things that come to mind. This list is going to look different for everyone, and that’s ok! Here’s a few ideas to get your started:

  • Family & Friends: Are you looking to stay close to family and friends? Keeping an eye on your proximity to major highways for driving to see them could be a small, but nice perk if you’ll be planning a lot of visits!
  • Children: Plan to research school systems to ensure your child is set up for success. You might be interested in finding a smaller community where it’s easier to make friends with other parents. Don’t forget to take a look at what’s around the area you’re interested in for fun things to do: parks, playgrounds, zoos, water parks, etc.
  • Work: Do you commute or work from home? Consider what would make your life easier while working. Is it a shorter commute? Access to food options on the way home? Daycares for the kids? High speed internet?
  • Community: Who is your crowd? Think about where you thrive when you’re out and about. Do you love the hustle of the city, or do you prefer the small town feel surrounded by a gorgeous view?


Which Neighborhood Should I Live In? | Ulster County Edition

Our list above is meant to be a starting point as you explore what’s most important to you. There are hundreds more things we’re sure you can come up with that will influence where you want to live. Don’t be afraid to have high standards! Once you have that list, you can start to dive into researching the states and counties that look promising. You can check out sites like Nextdoor and AreaVibes to get a feel for the cities you like.

We’d love to cover every town and area in Ulster County, but we’re afraid that wouldn’t easily fit into a blog! Please feel free to venture outside of the towns mentioned below as there are more gems in our beloved county that might be perfect for you! Think of this as your first foray into Ulster County.

  • Kingston: Brooklynbased.com calls Kingston “a hub of artistic activity” and is known for having a Brooklyn feel. The Midtown Arts District Initiative actively works to keep working artists and craftspeople at the heart of this community.
  • Rochester: A bigger city with a small town feel, Rochester offers a nice blend of arts and culture with a plethora of fun festivals to attend in the summer. With a fun nightlife, ample job opportunities, and fun places to take the kids, Rochester has a lot to offer.
  • New Paltz: Home to “the ‘Gunks”, New Paltz is a prime choice for access to some of the best hiking in the Catskills. Most of these trails are part of the Mohonk Preserve, where you can not only hike but horseback ride, ski, bike, and more! This is also a great place to raise a family, as the public schools are excellently rated.
  • Hurley: This small town offers a more rural setting, but keeps you close to the more urban Kingston, as well as easy access to a major highway for commuting. Despite being more rural, you will still have access to a 3,000-acre nature preserve and a local golf course.


You can find excellent write ups of even more Ulster County towns here and here. Hopefully the above helps you start to answer the “Which neighborhood should I live in?” question that can be so tough to answer. We’re confident that if you’re interested in moving to NY and enjoy the four seasons, you’ll find something to love right here in Ulster County. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to find a REALTOR® that can help get you into your dream home!

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