September is REALTOR® Safety Month




As happens with many other professionals, real estate agents often go about their day on autopilot. Serving the client and customer promptly and attentively takes precedence over the agent’s safety, and sometimes that of a client or customer. Being in tune with your surroundings and using other strategies to keep yourself and those in your care safe provides a higher level of customer service, which is good business.

September marks REALTOR® Safety Month, however, these practices and safety tips should be utilized throughout the year, as your safety is always important. There are many tips and advice courtesy of the National Association of REALTORS® website. The following are some of the excellent tips and guidance from the National Association of REALTORS®.

As a REALTOR®, you will need to show many houses to your clients. As a safety precaution always make sure to alert your office where you will be for the showing, what time you are meeting your clients, and how long you expect the meeting to take. This is important information to tell your office or at least one of your colleagues, this way if you are taking longer than expected they can check up on you, or, in the event, that something is going wrong, they can send for help at the exact location.

Other than having to meet with clients to tour homes, you will also need to complete work in the office. Sometimes you may find yourself having extra office work, which may cause you to have to stay later than everyone else. Being in the office alone can make you vulnerable, so it is best safety practice to keep all lights in the office on as well as play some music to make it seem as though others are staying late with you. Be sure to also have all windows and doors closed and locked. You may want to keep a window open to let in a nice breeze during the summer, however, this could set you up to be in danger.

As a REALTOR®, you will find yourself working both in your realty office as well as working from home. Always make sure you are giving your work address and information to clients rather than your home address. This also includes not giving away too much of your personal information to clients. You may want to create a bonding relationship with them by sharing about your life such as your child or children, spouse, etc. but this can reveal too much about you and your family. Connect with your clients, but keep a lot of your personal details to yourself.

Your safety is crucial, and these should be practices you and your team implement daily. We always are optimistic that bad things can never happen to us, however, we need to remain aware that things can go wrong at any time. Make sure you and fellow your realtors or staff are constantly prepared and practicing safety all year long.

We recently held a safety seminar, REALTOR® Safety Survival Guide, on September 12th and was hosted by Katheryn DeClerck. Thank you to all who attended and learned valuable safety tips.




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