Realtor Selling Tips to Help Your Clients Sell in the Summer

Tips for Selling a Home During Summer

Tips for Selling a Home During Summer

Summer is the time of backyard cookouts, pool parties, and ice cream, but another popular event during the summer months is buyers looking for homes. Summer is one of the best times to sell a client’s home since most Americans will take time off during the summer and are motivated to want to find a house and move before the kids start school. With summer being a great time to advertise a home for sale, these are some great tips to help your clients sell their homes this summer!

Have Your Clients Complete Summer Maintenance on Their Home

Summer is one of the best seasons to have maintenance done with the great weather to have the hoe’s exterior painted, seal the driveway, and trim the trees and other shrubbery. It is also important that during the summer, with the sun beating down on their home’s lawn, they make sure to water it, keeping it a beautiful green.

Mow Lawn to help sell home in summer

Showcase Their Outdoor Living Spaces

Do your clients have a beautifully designed patio that any homeowner would love to lounge on in the summer? Do they have a large deck to place a grill and host summer parties or a large pool to swim in? These are some great living spaces and enhancements that will entice those looking to buy to request a viewing of your client’s home.


Outdoor space for summer home selling


Keep The Home Cool in the Summer Heat

Depending on the year, the summer can get very hot, even in New York. Whether your clients are still living in their homes when they are trying to sell or have already moved out, they should keep it cool. Potential buyers do not want to step out of the heat into a hothouse, sweating through the entire walkthrough. It can also leave potential buyers concerned that the air conditioning may not work in the home, which can deter them from buying your client’s home.


AC for Selling House in Summer


Stage Their Home for the Summer Season

Though staging a home will not be the main reason it sells, it can help enhance home showing. Giving your clients’ homes a summer season with bright summer flowers in vases around the home, planting beautiful summer flowers in a window box, and having summer-scented candles to create a fresh, inviting atmosphere in their homes. This can help potential buyers imagine themselves living in this home and what they can do with it in summer; this can help entice them to want to place a bid.


Decorate Home to Sell in Summer


Host Open Houses

Summer is one of the best times of the year to have your clients host open houses. Most potential buyers are out in the nice weather searching for their dream home, and you have less worry about bad weather keeping them home. Potential buyers with children will also be able to have their children with them for summer break, where they can view the home and give their opinions.


Open Houses for Selling Home in Summer


Summer is a great month to sell homes. With the warm weather and longer days encouraging more people to be out, this is a great opportunity to promote the homes of your clients wishing to sell. Summer also supplies the perfect weather for projects to be done by your clients to help enhance the curb appeal. Share these great summer selling tips with your clients to help them find the right buyers for their homes.

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