Moving Hacks That Will Save You Time

use these moving hacks to help save you time

If you’re getting ready to move, you might be dreading all of the packing you need to do and how to keep everything organized. Some might enjoy the organizational aspect of moving. Organizing items into boxes by room and lovingly wrapping things in newspaper or bubble wrap might be your idea of fun! Whether you enjoy the process of packing or are putting it off as long as possible, this week we’re sharing moving hacks and ideas with you to help make the packing process a little easier and faster.


Moving Hacks | Saving Space

Let’s tackle saving space and consolidating items first. If you can use clothing, for example, to help wrap breakable items it can help save you space vs. using extra materials like newspaper.

  • Wrap your wine glasses inside of clean socks
  • Use potholders as a sheath for your knives that don’t have their own protective cover. You can secure the bottom with a few rubber bands to prevent the knives from falling out in transit.
  • Use clean bed sheets, towels, or comforters to wrap up dishware
  • When packing your closet, throw a large garbage bag over your clothes with the hangers vs. folding the clothes and having to pack up the hangers separately


Moving Hacks | Neat & Tidy

Keeping your moving boxes well organized and tidy will help prevent spending extra time later cleaning up any messes that can happen in transit. You will love the below moving hacks, especially if you have to travel further or perhaps it’s an extra bumpy ride.


  • Pack all of your spillable bottles in the same place – ex. Shampoo bottles, dish soap, detergent, cleaners, etc. You can also use plastic wrap to cover the opening of the bottle before screwing the tops back on to help prevent any spills.
  • Wrap your office organizers or silverware holders with plastic wrap to keep everything snug while moving. This way when you get to your new home, you can just unwrap and place in the rightful spot!
  • Use old comforter bags or even rubbermaid bins to organize items you know are going to go right back into storage once you get to your new home. Things like seasonal clothes and heavy blankets will be easier to put away if they’re not mixed in with items you will want to have out and ready to use.


Moving Hacks | Staying Organized

Some of the moving hacks we’ve shared above will definitely help with keeping all of your personal belongings organized. Now we’re going to take that one step further. Once you move everything into your new home, these moving hacks below will make it a breeze when deciding where all the boxes need to go before you start unpacking.


  • When packing up your items into boxes, add labels with the room or area of the house that they will be going into
  • Snap a picture of what’s inside each of your boxes and tape it to the outside for easy reference
  • If you’re packing any items that have removable components (ex. Furniture, cords for electronics, etc.), wrap them up together and attach them to the item or label them accordingly
  • Pack yourself a little “carry on” bag of essential things that you know you will need immediately when you get to your new home. This way, if you don’t plan on unpacking everything immediately, you will easy access to the items you need while you work your way through all of the moving boxes.

We hope you found some of these moving hacks useful! Do you have a favorite moving hack that you don’t see listed here? Connect with us on social (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and share your favorite moving hacks. The team at UCBR wishes you a seamless move and transition into your new home. We are your go-to source for everything real estate. If you or anyone you know is looking for an experienced REALTOR® in Ulster County, NY, don’t hesitate to contact us here. Cheers!

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