Interior Design Trends to Watch For in 2022

interior design trends

The interior design trends for 2022 are all about making your home the epitome of comfort, and we are definitely here for it! From earth tones as the preferred color palette to inspiration from nature and indoor gardens – the coming year is all about bringing the outdoors in. Here are just a few inspirations leading trends in interior design in 2022. 

Shades of Green

Last month, paint company Sherwin Williams named it’s color of the year – Evergreen Fog, which is a lovely earthy grey-green tone. Other paint companies, Behr and PPG, also picked earthy tones as their pick for the year. This follows suit with the trending inspiration that people are finding in nature with Earthy neutrals. Gone are the days of bright colors and patterns, we now see muted greens, browns, blues and colors that you would find as you walk through a forest. Realtor® Magazine shows the beautiful colors of the year here.

Inspiration from Nature & Bringing the Outdoors In

Since the color of the year is an earth tone, then why not incorporate some of the outdoors inside. The pandemic brought lockdowns and social distancing which meant there was less time spent outdoors and more time spent inside. Not only can you choose paint colors and accents that emphasize neutral tones, but you can also add an indoor garden to bring some more greenery into your home. Having an indoor garden is a great way to bring the outdoors in, and it’s also a great way to stay healthy by growing your own herbs and veggies. You can make an elaborate plant mecca with hydroponics, or just a simple window setting for a few herbs. No matter how big your indoor garden is, you can enjoy gardening year round this way.


Home Offices & Multifunction Workspaces

Having a home office was once looked at as a luxury, but over the last year it has become a necessity for many. The “work from home” normal sheds light on what potential that overlooked & unused nook in the corner actually has. Working from your bed or couch has proven not only bad for your health, but bad for workflow as well. By establishing a certain work space with adequate lighting, a desk and supportive chair, you should see improvement in your health as well as your productivity! If you don’t have the room to have a specific workplace, then aim for a ‘multifunction workspace’. These designs can help you maximize storage, boost functionality and increase productivity. By utilizing a desk that also doubles as storage, you get the best of both worlds and you can optimize your space. GearPatrol has this great list of well priced multifunction desks to check out.


The Top Interior Design Trend to look out for? Minimalism!

This is a trend not only in interior design, but it also seems to be a trend for life in general. The idea of minimalism is essentially allowing the room to speak for itself and not overloading the walls with photos or the table tops with decorations. With a minimalistic approach, you’ll see bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. The presence of air and free space can be a calming and welcoming experience, and there’s no place better to feel calm than in your own home.

To sum things up, 2022 will bring a simplistic and conservative approach to interior design with a focus on earth tones and bringing the outdoors in. The Hudson Valley and specifically Ulster County has plenty to offer when it comes to beautiful homes in rolling forest hills, and you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer. If you enjoyed reading the above article, you can find all of our blog content here. Additionally, you can also find us on social media at the following: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Cheers!

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