Creating the perfect open house.

When it comes to selling your home, having an inviting open house is a crucial part of showing potential buyers all the amazing features that your home has to offer. Buyers often attend multiple showings in one day, so by showcasing your home’s best elements and creating the most inviting environment you can ensure that buyers will remember you. Read more about how to create the most memorable open house here, and check out our blog to learn more about all things Real Estate and REALTOR®

Creating the Most Inviting Open House

Clean Like Crazy and Make It Smell Like Home

When walking into a home that you’re considering buying, the worst thing is to walk in to a foul smell or dog hair tumbleweeds rolling down the hall. You want your house to look lived in, but not dirty. Make sure you clean every nook and cranny before your showing, even inside cabinets and closets as people will be opening them to check them out. Having a pleasant smell in the home will be beneficial in multiple ways. By lighting some candles or even baking some cookies, it creates a welcoming environment and can also make potential buyers feel like they’re already home. 

Staging Matters

One good way to start your staging process is to look at your home like it is a stranger’s. If you notice small things like smudges on windows, chips in paint, or cluttered counters then chances are potential buyers will also notice it. By fixing and cleaning up small things it can make the difference from a nice room to a beautiful room. Another part of the staging process includes the critical step of depersonalizing. This includes taking down personal photos, artwork that isn’t necessarily appealing to most, and anything that announces your own personal, political, or religious taste. You want potential buyers to feel like they already live there, but not that you still live there. For more information about staging, check out these tips and tricks from

Focus On Your Homes Best Features

Does your home have a stone fireplace with a mantel, or what about a secret pantry that has all the space that a home chef could want? You should draw focus to these added benefits when having an open house so buyers can see what potential your home holds. Staging the rest of your home is important, but if your home has an authentic feature then be sure to stage that area to make it stand out.


During the Open House

Add Extra Curb Appeal

The first impression buyers will get is as they approach the home from the outside. By adding some extra seasonal decorations, cleaning up any leaves or dirt from pathways, and trimming shrubbery it can add just enough curb appeal to leave a good impact right from the start. Check out this article from HGTV with some creative tips to add some curb appeal to your home and how to get it done on a budget. 

Use Digital Sign In Sheets & Contactless Information

With the uncertainty of the pandemic world, maintaining safety when it comes to an open house is imperative. One way you can limit physical contact is to use digital sign in sheets and by supplying your information as a contactless system. You can get a QR code that buyers can scan on their phones which can not only supply buyers with information, but also serve as a digital sign in sheet. Another way to limit contact is to have a set schedule for when people will arrive. Usually an open house is set for a few hour span with a come and go as you please outlook. If possible, you can set a schedule with potential buyers to come at staggered times in order to keep groups separate and prevent overcrowding in the house.

In conclusion, hosting an inviting open house can be an easy feat when you consider some of our suggestions. Of course, one of our professional REALTORS® can help you along the way and make sure you get everything you can out of your house. Our team at UCBR strives to elevate the real estate industry by supporting our community and continuing education for professionals and their client base. Additionally, you can also find us on social media at the following: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Cheers!

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