Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

tips for selling your home in winter in ulster county

Winter is often seen as a slow time for home sales in the Northeast, however in recent years that trend has definitely changed with the housing market through Ulster County and the Hudson Valley staying hot hot hot all year long! From cozying up the atmosphere to removing holiday decorations, planning for winter storms, and more, we’ve got tips to help you sell your home in winter in Ulster County.

Curb Appeal & Lighting

Even though it’s winter, curb appeal still counts – and in some ways is even more important than in the warmer months. Beyond keeping driveways, sidewalks, and walkways clear of ice and snow, having an inviting first look for potential buyers is incredibly important. Keep the yard clear of leaves, make sure your roof and gutters were properly tended to before the first snowfall, and keep any landscaping looking clean and trimmed. Nothing presents worse than a home that looks ragged for the winter months. Remember, curb appeal is your potential buyer’s first impression of your home so it’s important to make it count!

Lighting plays another important factor. Winter months have shorter, darker days, and having both exterior and interior lighting that brightens up a property can really help create a strong appeal for buyers. Lighted walkways – even with solar lights – front porch or patio lights, and good front and back door lighting all add to the appeal of a home. In winter, these elements can be even more critical when daylight is at a minimum. A well-lit home can really brighten up someone’s day – and increase your chance of a sale.

This goes for indoor lighting as well. Even homes that offer a lot of fresh daylight may have challenges due to the position of the sun in the sky and limited daylight hours. Some homes have windows that flood rooms with light the rest of the year but may appear more dimly lit in winter. And with the weather systems in the Hudson Valley in recent years, it seems that clouds are a prevalent factor. Combat this with soft subtle lighting throughout the home that gives the feel of natural light. Warm, daylight, or neutral bulbs work best for this and avoid fluorescent or bright white as it can come off as harsh against the contrast of the winter skies.

Cozy & Inviting

Keeping things cozy and inviting is always a win for winter. When there’s snow outside, a warm feeling inside can be very attractive to home buyers. While setting the stage for a cozy and inviting home in a snowy winter showcasing Hudson Valley living at its finest, it is also important that you don’t go overboard. Take down any holiday-specific decor, but leave the general winter-themed items if you like, though. Avoid clutter. Over-decorating can take a home from cozy to cluttered very quickly and that’s a huge “no” when it comes to selling your home. And remember, turn up the thermostat! Even if you’re used to keeping it a bit cooler inside, now’s not the time to save on the heating bill. You don’t want potential buyers to get a chill when inside the home and be turned away.

Showcase Four Season Living

While you’re potentially selling your home in winter, having photos of your house in all four seasons that Ulster County experiences can be a great way to showcase the amazing potential. One photo per season can add to curb appeal and help potential buyers see what the house actually looks like in spring, summer, and fall without having to visualize it for themselves. Of course this takes a little planning ahead, but is an excellent tip for anyone selling their home regardless of the time of year. Even more important during the winter months, it can be a real winning tip when selling your Ulster County home!

For more great tips on selling your home in winter in Ulster County, check out this Better Homes & Gardens article. Whenever you’re ready to list your home, in winter or any season, Ulster County Board of REALTORS® is here to help. Contact us to find a REALTOR today.

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