Summer Fun in Ulster County, NY

summer activities to look forward to after moving to ulster county NY

Moving into a new home and into a new community in the summer time is exciting! You get the fun of enjoying your new house and exploring the area, all while the sun is shining. Moving to Ulster County is especially fun in the summertime because you get a nice balance between enjoying nature and being outdoors, as well as having access to great places to eat and fun things to do. If you’re still considering whether Ulster County is for you, we highly recommend working with a qualified REALTOR® to help guide you in the right direction. You can find out more about why you should use a REALTOR® here.


Summer Activities in Ulster County

Summer fun in Ulster County spans from challenging yourself to tackle all of the hiking trails to see some of the most impressive scenery to exploring all of the upscale eateries we have to offer. We’re going to share with you some of our favorites below with links to additional resources and even more fun things to do than we cover here. We promise that it will take more than your first summer here to experience everything Ulster County has to offer.


Many of us are looking to get away from the desks and out into the great outdoors as soon as spring transitions into summer. We don’t blame you one bit! Whether your tastes trend more towards the adrenaline junkie who’s looking for their next rush to someone who enjoys a slower pace to take in all the sights as you reach a mountain’s peak, we have you covered.


Let’s begin with the outdoor activities first:

  • Mountain Wings is a hang gliding flight school in Ellenville, NY. The owner of this school has over 34 years of experience teaching others how to find their wings. Lessons are super affordable and teach you everything you need to know – from speeding up and turning to fitting your gear properly.
  • If you can’t wait to hit the trails this summer, pop over to I Love NY for 7 of the best hikes in Ulster County. Your options range from easy to moderate so you can choose how long you want to be out and how much of a sweat you’re looking to break!
  • Hudson Sailing in Kingston is a great choice for those of you who enjoy being out on the water. You have a few options to choose from with the standard three hour cruise (morning, afternoon, or evening), a sunset cruise, or a BBQ with a swim excursion from the boat.


While the great outdoors is nice, you might be more interested in where the best places are to eat or grab a cup of coffee:

  • Bread Alone Bakery is a great spot for a quick bite to eat for breakfast or lunch. You can either take a fresh baked pastry to go before your hike, or enjoy the outdoor dining area while you settle in with a good book.
  • Huckleberry in New Paltz is a great pit stop for an afternoon pick me up. They have an adorable patio area that’s pet friendly (they even post highlights on their Instagram!) and a really cool menu of fun summer cocktails to choose from.
  • Garvan’s Gastropub is the perfect choice for dinner, with a charming indoor seating area and bar as well as a beautiful outdoor ambiance. Check out their dessert menu, which everyone raves about in the Google reviews!


We hope you enjoyed the above suggestions to get you started this summer! You can find a plethora of other activities and places to try here. Have any great suggestions to share? Please share your experiences and recommendations with us on social: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We wish you a fun and enjoyable summer!

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