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While the stay at home order for New York State is currently set to lift May 15th, for many, this may seem like there is light finally at the end of the tunnel. We have all been adjusting to the ‘new normal’ for the past two months, and for many, this has not been an easy adjustment. Especially for the Real Estate Industry, where stay at home orders have meant no in-person showings or open houses, and working with clients via video calls and virtual tours. In seeing the silver lining during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has given REALTORS® time to focus on other activities that we often put on the back burner due to our usual hustle and bustle in our daily lives. Here are some of our top picks for REALTOR® wellness during the pandemic: 

Brushing up on our REALTOR® knowledge:

While we are staying at home and practicing social distancing, this gives REALTORS® time to brush up on their knowledge of the markets. If you needed to take your continuing education course, renew your license, or refresh your understanding of certain rules and regulations, this time gives us an opportunity to focus on immersing ourselves in taking the time to refresh our knowledge on these important topics. Having a solid understanding and foundation of current real estate practices, rules and trends is just as important as showing houses; and being able to communicate correct and up to date information to your client shows that you’re an expert in the field, as well as a professional. 

Master Virtual Tours:

It is hard to say what the new normal will look like in the months ahead, but the use of virtual tours is likely to increase until we have a better outlook of the pandemic timeline. Investing in creating video tours of listings, and having high quality images will likely be a key player in showing clients properties in the months to come. If you haven’t made virtual tours of listings just yet, use this time to practice making videos, or speak with professional photographers and videographers about working with them once the stay at home order is lifted. You can also learn more in this great article that explains How to Create a Virtual Tour in 8 Steps. Once it is safe to visit listings in person, making a point of ensuring all your listings have virtual tours and high quality images available for future viewings will be incredibly helpful, as depending on how the next few months pan out, it could become the ‘new norm’ in showing clients before seeing a property in person. 

Practice REALTOR® Wellness and Take time for yourself:

REALTORS® are always on the go. The nature of the job requires long hours, driving to lots of different locations, and working with multiple buyers and sellers. It can be exhausting, and often REALTORS® do not get weekends off, as many clients look at listings on the weekends. This time at home is perfect to focus on REALTOR® wellness, recharge and take time for yourself. Make time everyday to focus on yourself: read a book you haven’t had time to read, take a daily walk, work on a project you have been dying to do, catch up with family and friends over zoom, and have some ‘me time’. Being able to recharge your batteries and take a step back is incredibly important for your mental and physical health. Having this time will also help your job performance when we return back to our normal routines. By giving yourself a break and making a concerted effort to make time for yourself each day, you’ll be refreshed and ready when the time comes to start back up to the daily hustle and bustle. 

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