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Free Online Course: Real Estate Safety Matters

August, 31 2021

Safe business is smart business, which is why we’re offering this online course from the REALTOR® Safety Program for free through 9/30.

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The Wow Factor: Social Media Strategies

August, 6 2021

Neal Oates Jr. talks about one-on-one video messaging and sending market value reports to spark conversations, and so much more. There's also a how-to on using RPR with Canva to create market value charts and graphics that will get you noticed.

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Service and Emotional Support Animals With Cynthia DeLuca

August, 5 2021

As REALTORS®, property managers, and landlords, it's important to know how to do things right to help honor those tenants who really do need the help that comes from having a service or emotional support animal.

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The Wow Factor: Business Unusual

August, 2 2021

Kristin Smith offers advice on how to handle virtual showings and talks about how she uses Opportunity Zones in RPR to help her investors.

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The Wow Factor: Geographic Farming

July, 19 2021

Industry expert Nicole Nicolay talks about how to discover and refine the farm area that will yield the best results for your business, then REALTORS® Property Resource® (RPR®) staff break down how to use RPR® to put Nicole's advice into action and show you some tips on the latest tools available in RPR®.

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Sustainability for Home and Health With Melisa Camp

July, 14 2021

Expert Melisa Camp joins Monica to discuss sustainability inside our homes, as well as in the construction of new homes. They talk about new ways to take care of the resources we have, the opportunities in the industry, and how to tend to our health and finances on this journey.

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Financial Planners, Insurance, and REALTORS® with Rich Arzaga

June, 24 2021

Rich shares information about licensing, credentials, and how financial planners get paid, as well as some things to look out for when choosing a financial planner.

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Residential Real Estate Disclosures with Bruce Aydt

June, 18 2021

Bruce and Monica discuss what should or should not be disclosed when it comes to current property status, past repairs, psychologically stigmatized properties, and work done without permit.

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