Home Decor Repurposing for Spring

home decor repurposing for spring

Change up your home decor this spring by repurposing what is already in your house!

With the warmer weather, longer days and flowers and trees in full bloom, spring has officially arrived in the Mid Hudson Valley. As we pack up our winter essentials to make room for our spring wardrobe, it’s also the perfect time to give our homes a refresh. While we are still practicing social distancing and spending most of our time at our homes, it’s the perfect time to make some improvements to our homes by working with what we already have. Here are some ideas on home decor repurposing for spring.

Declutter: It’s easy to just put things in a box and think you’ll get to it later, but soon enough, we often have boxes of old papers, magazines, small trinkets and items that end up piling up in closets and rooms. Take the time to go through any clutter and get rid of what you no longer need. Donating any old clothes and home appliances and decor that you no longer use to a local charity is a great way to give back as you declutter your home. File any old useful documents, and throw away items that are just using up space. By clearing out old clutter, you’ll likely find that you have a lot more space in a closet or room than you thought, and be able to use the space for something useful. 

Try a different layout: Since we have been spending the majority of our time the past few months at our homes, we have likely noticed a lot more than we normally would in our usual routines. If you’ve had your furniture in the same layout for a number of years, challenge your creative side and take some time to experiment with a different layout. Maybe change the layout of your couch & sitting chairs in your TV room, create a new look for your dining room, or re- work the layout of photos and artwork in the rooms. Rearrange the lighting fixtures. Reorganize your bookshelves by color or stack them both vertically and horizontally and add photos and small objects in between books. By making small layout changes, it might feel like a completely new room without having to invest in completely new pieces. 

Let in natural light: As we have transitioned to working from home versus an office, we may now notice how much natural light comes in throughout the day. Natural light makes us happier and more productive, so it’s important to our daily routines. You’ve likely been spending a lot of time in a certain room in your house that you have made your home office during this lockdown. Take a look at the room: Do you have heavy curtains? Do the windows need to be cleaned? By replacing heavy curtains with light curtains, or by ensuring the curtains are tucked all the way to each side will maximize the amount of light you let into your home. Cleaning windows will also help. Look around your house, is there a section of the house that gets a particularly large amount of natural light? Why not utilize this space to create your home office, or make it a place that you start to spend more time in. 

Create a nook: Since our homes have now become our offices as well, it is important to have a space where you can have some downtime to relax. Dedicate a small nook or space in your home with a chair, couch or daybed where you can relax, or read a book. Having this small home oasis where we can unwind and take a break is important as well for our mental health. Being able to separate work from your personal life is challenging during these unprecedented times, so by creating a dedicated space for yourself to relax and enjoy is just as important as having a productive work space. 

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