Do I Need a Moving Company to Move Short Distances

Do I need a moving company to move locally

The short answer is no, you don’t really need a moving company to move any distance, but they can be helpful. If you want to do it on your own, it’s not impossible, even if it can be more difficult. Should you decide to go with professionals, always seek out reputable moving companies to do the job.

Time Vs. Trips

Many people don’t think about needing a moving company when they’re only traveling a short distance. If you’re moving all of ten streets away, it seems silly to hire professionals when your destination is so close. You probably think you’ll make multiple trips for everything and maybe rent a small moving truck for the bigger items.

If you think about the time you’d spend moving things with multiple trips compared to having professionals move everything in one shot, you might second guess yourself. You spend copious amounts of time moving a short distance because of the multiple trips to move things. You’re also burning a lot of gas over such a short distance. All of that time and money can add up.

Alternatively, if you decide to move with a professional moving company, you might find the process is a lot easier. They load up your stuff all at once, and you only drive to your destination once instead of making a dozen or more trips. You will save valuable time when you hire professionals to do the job for you, and with the hassles involved in moving, time is one thing you can’t afford to waste.

Breakage vs. Secure Travel

It doesn’t take much to break something. If you jostle something accidentally, you might end up ruining your grandmother’s favorite blown-glass figurine. The truth is that you’re not a professional mover, and so you may not take the necessary precautions to make sure everything has the best chance at traveling securely.

Movers, on the other hand, are expected to pack everything securely. They are trained to take care of your things. Of course, breakage can still happen with professionals, but you can file a claim with the company for replacement or reimbursement for damages if it does. If you break your own stuff, you’re just out the stuff and any chance for reimbursement.

Heavy Items Vs. Personal Safety

Moving a baby grand piano is probably best left to the professionals. Yes, you have big, strong friends that could probably move it, but they’re probably not experienced in moving heavy items. If you lift it wrong or lose your grip while moving it, you can risk serious injury when transporting heavy furniture.

Professional movers know how to move heavy items safely, minimizing the risk of personal injury. They have the experience to move the big, bulky, heavy furniture without damaging your stuff or yourselves. While you appreciate your friends and have complete confidence they can lift the heavy things, if they hurt themselves, then you won’t have help to unpack once you get to your destination. Do yourself a favor and at least hire professionals for moving heavy items.

Don’t Cut Costs or Convenience

Everyone loves to save money, but sometimes cutting those costs creates more of a hassle than they’re worth. If you break something because you or your friends moved it incorrectly, that’s on you. It’s also more convenient to have professionals do it for you because they’ll get it done faster and protect your things in the process. Your time, friends, and things are precious, so if you can afford it, always hire professionals to get the job done correctly the first time.

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