Buying a Winter Vacation Home

buying a winter vacation home in the Hudson Valley

When it comes to vacation homes, it’s not only about finding a great summer getaway. Sure, the Hudson Valley is a great place for summer getaways with hiking and rock climbing, fishing, shopping, and a slew of other great things to do but don’t forget about winter! The Hudson Valley and Catskills regions of New York are both a part of Ulster County making winter vacationing up here amazing! But before you purchase your new place, check out our tips for buying a winter vacation home in the Hudson Valley and Ulster County and be sure to work with a Realtor to find the perfect place!

Check Out the Views!

When buying a winter vacation home, you can really focus on selecting a house with incredible views. The great part of vacation house shopping is that you don’t need to focus on location, location, location as it relates to a specific neighborhood, school system, or other day-to-day conveniences. Many locations in Ulster County already have high-speed internet, access to great amenities, and are an easy drive to shopping, restaurants, and more. That makes it even easier to focus on what you really want in a vacation home – stunning winter views!

Sometimes, a vacation home that is slightly off the beaten path, on a beautiful winding road, or sitting atop a mountain with breathtaking views of the landscape below is exactly what you’re looking for. And because it’s a vacation home, you don’t necessarily have to be as close to some of the key things you would be looking for in a permanent residence. So go for that country drive, take that dirt road, or the road less traveled, and see where it leads. You just may be surprised with the views that Ulster County has to offer!

Rustic Doesn’t Always Mean Cheap

While driving around the Catskills of Ulster County, you may be tempted by a rustic cabin on a stunning hillside, or a ski chalet A-frame with a cozy fireplace. But be warned! Rustic doesn’t always mean cheap. Many rustic style homes, including log cabins, are heavy on wood – quite literally. From walls and floors, to interior style and decor, timber is expensive and the more timber and lumber in a house can mean a much higher price as well.

Country cabin meets shabby-chic may be all the rage these days, but there is definitely a cost that comes with it. You also want to bear in mind that lumber as a core building material may include a higher risk of wood-boring insects, and some maintenance costs may be higher than with other building materials available today. On the flip side of course, there is something special about the look of a rustic cabin or wood-based home in the mountains!

Hit the Slopes, and Trails

There’s no shortage of winter adventures to be had across Ulster County – mountain adventures included! Finding a vacation home near some of our great outdoor parks and venues is a great way to take advantage of all the Hudson Valley has to offer. For skiing and snowboarding, Belleayre Mountain is a favorite stop for locals and visitors alike. There’s also the Mohonk Preserve which has a plethora of hiking and snowshoeing trails, cross country skiing trails, and even horseback riding trails (bring your own horse and dress warmly for some great winter escapades).

Throughout the region, you can also find sugar shacks – many of which are visitor-friendly and have the options for tasting, tours, and hikes around their property. If you don’t know what a sugar shack is, you can read more on Wikipedia about what a sugar shack is – basically it is a shack or cabin where maple syrup is made. Nothing beats the flavor of local maple syrup drizzled over pancakes in your new vacation home as the snow falls in winter!

Thinking about making the move to the Hudson Valley? The Ulster County Board of Realtors® is here to help, so contact us today so we can match you up with a REALTOR® to help guide you through the process easily, so you can get back to what is important to you, enjoying everything winter has to offer!

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