Become a REALTOR®

In Ulster County, a career as a real estate agent can be as fun as it is satisfying. Residential housing in Ulster County and Hudson Valley areas are historically in high demand as many upstate New York areas have been less affected by the national real estate decline. Becoming a REALTOR in Ulster County can be a challenge, but as with any occupation, hard work and dedication can lead to success, especially in real estate.

  1. Take the New York state-mandated salesperson course. Prior to being a real estate agent, prospects in New York must successfully complete the required 75-hour course, which covers the real estate law, rules and regulations. The class is offered by local boards of the New York Association of Realtors both here in Ulster County and elsewhere in the state. Information about other local boards is available online at the NYSAR website.
  2. Find a local broker to sponsor you. In New York, it is required to have a brokerage sponsor you when you apply for a real estate license. Having a brokerage sponsor you demonstrates to the state that you have obtained a relationship with a real estate firm and ensures that you will have a place to start your career once you receive your real estate license.
  3. Apply for the New York state exam. After passing the 75-hour course, you have to obtain your license from the State of New York. In New, licensing for certain professions is handled by the DOS or Department of State. You can visit the state's website and apply online.
  4. Meet the criteria to take the state exam. To take the state licensing exam, you must be 18 years old or older, have a sponsoring broker, successfully complete the required 75-hour course and must not be more than four months behind in child support payments. The DOS exam fee is $50 and is non-refundable in the event that you fail the exam.
  5. Upon successfully passing the exam, you will receive your license from the DOS.