Giving Back: UCBR Gives Back to the Ulster County Community

Ulster County community service by UCBR

Being involved in local initiatives and supporting your community is an important part of giving back to the place you call home. One of the biggest draws to Ulster County and the surrounding area is not only the abundance of green space & nature parks, but also the tight knit local communities that make up Ulster County. As we are lucky to be able to call Ulster County home, UCBR members are committed to giving back to the local Ulster County community through different community service projects throughout the year. 

The most recent community service initiative UCBR has been involved with is sponsoring part of the Hurley Rail Trail. In sponsoring the area, the UCBR has committed to maintaining and keeping this part of the trail clean and free of any litter and debris. The UCBR will manage this section of the trail throughout the year, ensuring that our public green spaces stay beautiful for the community to enjoy. 

In addition to the Hurley Rail Trail, the UCBR participates in additional community service projects to help other green space initiatives, community projects, as well as those in need right here in Ulster County. Other green space community service projects include the ‘Clean Trail Project’, UCBR’s annual community service initiative where REALTORS® come together to clean and maintain the many networks of rail trails located in Ulster County.  

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier in the spring, the UCBR donated boxed lunches to the essential health workers who were on the front lines of COVID-19, performing tests to those in the local community who were at high risk of contracting the virus. 

The UCBR also provides contributions of food, personal hygiene items, clothing, household supplies and other essential supplies throughout the year to various local support organizations that are dedicated to helping those in need within the local area. These organizations include: The Ulster County Warming Shelter, the Homeless Transition Center at the Clinton Avenue Methodist Church, Community Action of Ulster County, Ulster County Literacy, and the Woodstock- area Meals of Wheels Program. 

Additionally, the UCBR is active in working with local community service organizations that are focused on supporting local youths in need in the area. These programs include the Migrant Children Education Program, the Mid-Hudson Migrant Childrens’ Education Program, local Boys & Girls Clubs, and homeless students in the Kingston Consolidated District by supporting the Boys & Girls Club Annual Dinner Auction through various initiatives, including contributions, promotion and attending the event. The UCBR also annually runs ‘Operation Backpack’, which provides children in need within the area with backpacks filled with essential school supplies. 

The UCBR also commits to supporting both the ederly and veteran communities in Ulster County. The UCBR hosts holiday parties for the ederly community, as well as participates in various events throughout the year that supports this community in the area. Ensuring our local veteran’s are honored and taken care of is also of great importance, and the UCBR contributes to several programs: The Patriot’s Place, a temporary shelter and rehabilitation center for homeless veterans, co-sponsoring the recognition celebration for local veterans at Ten Broeck Commons; and hosting holiday parties with musical performances at the Washington Ave. Senior Residence & Golden Hill Health Care Center in Kingston. 

Making sure the UCBR does their part in giving back to the local community, both by cleaning up and managing our trails and greenspace, and helping those in need in our community is an integral part of our mission to the community. Our community and natural beauty is what attracts many people to decide to make Ulster County our home, and we are incredibly lucky to be able to live here. It’s important to us that we do our part by volunteering our time to those less fortunate and keep our county clean, ensuring our local community thrives. For more information on giving back to the community, check out Ulster County’s Volunteer page on the county’s website. 

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