Shokan, New York

Shokan is a quaint and beautiful little village located within the Town of Olive in Ulster County, New York within the heart of Catskill Park. As of 2000, the population of this beautiful area was over one thousand.

The village of Shokan was relocated to its current location in the early 20th century when the Ashokan Reservoir was constructed on the land the village originally sat upon. Most locals pronounce the name as “show can”, but some people will pronounce it in a way to rhyme with “spoken”. The small village takes up 3.9 square miles of all land.

This beautiful mountainous and stream-studded community is a popular for not only its rural setting and peaceful atmosphere, but also its many outdoor pursuits. Two of the most popular options in this area include fishing and non-motorized boating. However, the area has also become popular with those who move here due to the courteous nature of the citizens. There are plenty of arts, food and recreational opportunities in this village, mostly supported by its maple syrup production.

In stark contrast to the beautiful and majestic mountains around it, the village is also home to the highly acclaimed and state of the art recording studio and estate Allaire Studios at Glen Tonche. This studio is located high in the mountains and overlooks the beautiful Ashokan Reservoir.

Visit Winchell’s Corners to browse wonderful antiques. Here you can also enjoy a good slice of pizza or hot soup after taking a refreshing walk, run or bike trip around the Reservoir. There are plenty of quaint shops and galleries in addition to a small shopping center along Route 28.