Saugerties, New York

Saugerties, New York is located in Ulster County and as of 2000 has a popular of close to twenty thousand. The town also contains the village of Saugerties that is located in the northeast corner of the county. The east side of town is easily accessible from US Route 9W and the New York State Thruway or Interstate 87.

The land for this town was first purchased in 1677 from the Esopus tribe by Dutch settlers and in the following years, Land Grants were made. By 1710, there was a large immigration of German Palatines, from the Rhineland region of Germany. The town was first formed as a part of Kingston in 1811.

Saugerties is most famous for holding the Woodstock ’94 music festival for the 25th anniversary of the original Woodstock Festival. Saugerties is located a quick ten miles from the town of Woodstock, New York and the original festival was held seventy miles southwest of Woodstock.

According to the Census Bureau, the town features sixty-eight square miles. 64.5 square miles is land and the other 3.5 square miles or just over five percent is beautiful water. The north town line provides the border of Greene County, New York while the east town line is marked by the majestic Hudson River that provides the border between Dutchess and Columbia counties. South of Saugerties Village the Esopus Creek enters the Hudson River.

This town is popular with men between the ages of 25 to 44. The average household income was forty-two thousand. This wonderful artistic town is ideal for those who need a nature retreat.