Rosendale, New York

Rosendale is a beautiful town with a rich history in Ulster County, New York. As of 2000, the census showed a population of over six thousand. At one time, the town has an incorporated village of the same name until voters dissolved the incorporation.

This beautiful region was first settled by the Europeans in 1685 and then the town of Rosendale was formed in 1844 from parts of Hurley, Marbletown and New Paltz. The city features a beautiful rolling and broken landscape with summits ranging from two to five hundred feet and deep valleys. Flowing through town near the center is Rondout Creek. In the north-west part of the town, there are several small lakes that are popular with locations and tourists alike. In the south-west part of the town, there are three caves along the Shawangunk Mountains that contain ice throughout the year.

The village was built nearly entirely around the Cement Works. The Lawrence Cement Company was established in 1848. Today, the city covers a total area of 20.8 square miles with 19.9 square miles of land and 0.8 square miles of water. Passing through the town is the New York State Thruway or Interstate 87. East of the town, you will find the joining of Rondout Creek and the Wallkill River.

The average age of citizens in this town is 38 and it is a popular location for married couples to live. The median income for a household is over forty-four thousand and fifty-one thousand for families. However, the peaceful surroundings of this beautiful town also make for an excellent retirement home for those who want to enjoy nature.