Marbletown, New York

While Marbletown, New York is adjacent to the towns of Rosendale and Olive, it has its own distinct personality. Like many of the towns in the county of Ulster, this town was founded around 1700, and this means that there are many reasons to live in this historic part of the Hudson River Valley. Marbletown has a population of about 8,000 residents. While this means that there is a small town feel to this area of the Hudson River Valley, there is also an entire county that has access to the state of New York.

This is because there are many more hamlets and cities in Ulster county that actually make Marbletown a sort of modern-day-rural metropolis. In fact, by owning a home in Marbletown, you can easily access all of the modern day amenities available in more urban areas, and at the same time, enjoy rural country living.  Access to the many conveinences are not the only things that are accessible in Marbletown.   Marbletown is alive with culture, family entertainment and small shops.

Marbletown, New York is distinct because this is a town that is located within a stone’s throw to many other hamlets in the southern part of the State of New York. This includes Atwood, Kripplebush, Lapla, and Pacama. Together, these municipalities make up scenic and also sophisticated part of New York State that is worth the investment if you want to own a home in New York State.